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About us

Hi! I’m Laura and I’m the owner of Layla and Pops! 

The idea of making baby clothes came about while I was still pregnant and on maternity leave. I had 5 weeks off before she was due and I decided to make some clothing and accessories to pass the time! She ended up being two weeks late so I had a lot of time to pass!

I really enjoyed sewing and started to get comments from friends and family that I should try and sell some bits. By the time our daughter was three months old I felt ready to take the plunge and set up my insta shop! But what to call it?? Seeing as my daughter was and is my biggest inspiration I had to use her name...Layla and not wanting to leave out our fur baby, Poppy the cat, Layla and Pops was created!

I never would have believed that in less than a year I would have set up a business with a newborn, a business that has enabled me to give up my job, set up a website and do what I love everyday!

Thank you to all who have supported me whether through buying from me, Facebook and insta likes, spreading the word to your friends and family or just taking the time to read this and look through my means the world to me!

Much Love Laura xx