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Image of Mint Polar Bear Harems/Leggings

Mint Polar Bear Harems/Leggings

£5.00 - £16.00

This polar bear fabric is the perfect addition to your child's winter wardrobe. Beautiful cotton jersey for your little ones to enjoy adventures in!
This colourway is exclusive to Layla and Pops so you can’t get it anywhere else!

There are also top twists available in this fabric, the perfect accessory!

95% cotton, 5% Lycra
Weight: 220-230grams/m2

Our harems and leggings are made with the best quality stretch jersey. This is to guarantee not only comfy, practical clothing but also the best quality fabric to fill you with confidence about your purchase.
We go out of our way to provide good quality, fab designs and comfort that your child will love.

Here at Layla and Pops we offer the options of the classic harem style or the slim fit, cuffed leggings.

* Harem style has a relaxed crotch so are perfect for cloth bums and disposable wearers. The seams run along the sides of the pant so the pattern is not compromised at the crotch.

* Slim fit, cuffed leggings are more fitted and the seam runs through the crotch rather than at the sides. There is still plenty of room to cover nappies as the back has a slight rise but these are a good fit if your child, like mine, is on the smaller side.

All inseams are finished with an overlocker for a sturdy, durable and professional finish. This will provide lasting quality, especially if cared for correctly. All washing instructions are provided on the inside labels of each garment.

Orders are cut, sewn, packaged and posted by me, mummy to Layla and Josh in Derbyshire.
Turnaround is currently 7 days, not including postage time.

Sizes of these items go up to 2-3 years and there is a size guide in the photos to help you pick the correct size.

Thank you for choosing to shop with Layla and Pops! Every purchase makes a massive difference to myself and my family!

Image of Mint Polar Bear Harems/Leggings Image of Mint Polar Bear Harems/Leggings
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